The phone number on the sign corresponds with the measurements of a human jaw. The first 3 numbers are the width of the teeth, the second 4 numbers with strength of the victim's bite on a Bite Force Gauge.

Take the first three digits of the phone number and subtract 146 to calculate the impression width of your victim’s bite. The result goes in to N 48 26._ _ _.

The last four digits of the phone number are going to help you with the bite force. Subtract 1867 from the 4 digits and place in W 123 21._ _ _ which is your victim’s bite strength measured on the Bite Force Gauge.

Your cell phone suddenly rings. It's CSI Level 3 Brown asking you to meet with him.

Use the above resulting coordinates to meet with CSI Brown, who believes he has discovered another piece of the puzzle to point you in the right direction.