As Warrick brings you up to speed on his discovery, CSI Nightshift Supervisor Willows calls. She has a bone to pick with you. Apparently with all the excitement, you left on this investigation without signing out your CSI kit. It’s a rookie mistake you won’t make again.

She’s with authorities who believe they’ve discovered another piece of evidence, but need a hand digging it up.

So far it’s been determined that the victim had some gold fillings; that should narrow down the potential identities. Some DNA has been collected and sent back to the lab for analysis.

The manner in which the skull was discovered is reminiscent of the two previous victims in Las Vegas as well as the one now in Vancouver. Now with the discovery of the finger this is pointing even more to the work of the DMH killer. Let’s nail this scumbag before it’s too late.

Proceed to N 48 25.746 W 123 23.068 armed with the knowledge you have so far.