1. Head into the forest, only if your will is up-to-date! Remember there's a serial killer on the loose!

2. Take the 1st left and prepare yourself for a descent into madness.

3. Keep walking and you should come to a wooden footbridge.

4. Walk all the way along the footbridge and into the trees. If a hand reaches out from under the footbridge and grabs you....run!

5. Walk along this trail for a bit, trying not to trip and fall, for no one is around to hear your screams for help.

6. Turn left and you should find yourself on a main trail. Double check to make sure you haven't lost any members of your team.

7. Keep walking along the main trail. You should come to a fence.

8. Walk a bit more, looking to your right for an open area with Garry Oak "hanging" trees.

9. Leave the trail and go up into this area. You're now very, very close!

10. You should see a rock wall ahead and to the right. Do *not* climb the rock wall as poisonous vipers hide there.

11. Go around the right of the rock wall, between the dead tree and the log. Walk past the oak tree and go up!

11. You are now very, very, very close, so only the most unhinged members of your team should proceed east into the trees. You do not have to go very far in.

12. Caution! The bushes hold indescribable horrors. Those who choose to enter will never be the same again. Muhaha!